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" We offer the best medical service at a most affordable cost and provide you the best stay which you would cherish your whole life. We ensure to give you the best quality service and care.

Top quality medical care at affordable prices.

You can fill out the form below and we will have someone to review it as soon as possible. We at Star International recognize the importance of protecting the confidentiality of medical and health-related information. "

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Star International Medical & Tourism

India is known mostly for cost effective medical treatments along with high standards in cardiology, , nephrology and oncology. It is placed among the world top medical tourism destination in Asia, mainly because of low cost of service and highly skilled doctors. Owing to a pool of highly skilled doctors, quality infrastructure and best facilities India has now become the prime destination for medical tourism.
The country is also known for alternative treatment options such as yoga and Ayurveda.
The service quality in medical tourism industry is a vital part in attracting customer.
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Star International Medical & Tourism is your premier resource for information on medical tourism.

Travel to India to enjoy your stay with Star International as medical adviser and travel facilitator. A brand with complete story of excellence in all types of treatment. So create your kind of holiday and awaken to a different World.

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Process Flow

At Star International for every query which comes from a patient who is looking to get treated in India.

Pre Arrival Services

or us the relationship with our patient starts, the moment he has decided to trust us for his treatment.

On Arrival services

On arrival we at Star International ensure that everything falls as per initial planning’s.


Star International offers exciting opportunities of hiking to the medical tourists who love adventure sports

After care

At Star International, we have a follow up procedure which your doctor recommends after your treatment.